Applying Innovation

Wherever data is measured, Silversmith's Data Points End-to-End technology is there, helping you increase your access and lower your costs. Watch the video to see how we can apply our innovation to your industry.

Silversmith, Inc

Silversmith, Inc. provides hardware and software solutions that automatically collect data and allow control of remote locations.

Silversmith is a proven leader in the wireless remote communications industry. We have built our reputation in the oil and gas industry using our unique communication structure. We have successfully assisted many companies, both large and small, to implement IoT (Internet of Things), M2M, and SCADA technology in a wide range of applications. Silversmith offers web hosting as well as customer owned server products, both of which have access to our outstanding customer support team. Silversmith also offers field support to install and service what we sell.

We have installed over 10,000 data collection sites (over a million data points) which now operate across the continental United States and Canada.

Industry Applications

Oil & Gas

Sending someone in a truck to chase down problems can be unproductive and costly. "Windshield time" exhausts both resources and capital...


The electric grid system traverses enormous expanses of remote territory with the potential for thousands upon thousands of data site locations....


With a large number of diverse utilities to maintain and monitor Silversmith's Data Points End to End technology can offer most...


Most elements of the agricultural industry already have technology integrated into them in order to create a cost saving supply chain that...

Other Industries

With the need to modernize in order to become more efficient in today's competitive markets, many industries are automating and...