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1. 3' Mast (1" emt)
This Mast comes standard with the HTC meters, the 3' long x 1" diameter Mast gets the antenna just up and away from the HTC; Good for use in areas where there's not a lot of obstructions. Better used in open areas.
2. 10' Mast (1" emt)
The 10' Mast is great in areas with few obstructions, and will greatly improve the communnication between meters.
3. 30' Telescoping Mast
Silversmith's tallest Mast, the 30' Mast, needs no guide wires (unless in high wind areas). This mast is the best choice to maximize communication between meters, and when used in conjunction with other directional antennas, communication can be fine tuned and improved tremendously.


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