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Silversmith, Inc. provides the tools to connect you to your data. The core of our Data Points End to End system consists of two pieces: the ERose Link and the TRaineIPH. The ERose Link connects to any Modbus or DNP3 compatible measurement device, translating to and from Silversmith's patented communication protocol. The TRaineIPH then serves as a central communication point in the field to allow multiple ERose Link devices to send their data seamlessly back to your data center.



HYDRALERT by Silversmith

A proven leader in wireless remote communications, Silversmith Data introduces HYDRALERT™, the industry's most innovative remote monitoring of fire hydrants, alerting municipalities of vandalism, theft, and presence of water. Cost-effective units save time, save money, and ultimately, improve safety. HYDRALERT will prove itself to be indispensable in hydrant monitoring.

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Silversmith Android Tablet and Port Board (Remote Terminal Unit)

Android Tablet and Port Board by Silversmith

Silversmith, Inc. Android Tablet and Port Board is a highly portable and robust hand-held unit for on-site configuration, testing and monitoring of all of our metering products.
Although initially developed for our line of Fire Hydrant Monitors, the hardware and software proved versatile enough to work with our existing range of oil and gas industry products.
Communication is the product's strongest asset. A patented communication method that uses non-licensed radio enables the tablet to communicate with our IPHost or metering devices directly.
The tablet is charged from the battery pack housed in the hand-held unit and the unit as a whole can be powered/charged using a standard 12V AC adapter with a jack connector.

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TRaine IPH by Silversmith

Silversmith, Inc. TRaineIPH devices is an internet back haul devices used to connect the Silversmith ERose Link radio to the internet. Designed to operate in the toughest environmental conditions, the device relays data packets received to and from a data col-lection server to a field device through our smart radio mesh for just about any protocol. Modbus, DNP3, SSIPac to name a few.

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ERose by Silversmith

Silversmith, Inc. ERose Link is an advanced Modbus Smart Mesh Radio communication device designed to be installed and configured quickly, and to operate in the toughest environmental conditions. The device talks to all Enron and standard Modbus devices through a low-power RS485 or RS232 connection. The ERose Link uses the Silversmith direct path routing protocol to move the Modbus data by hopping data from one device to another to the local TRainelPH, automatically routing around hills and other obstacles along a pre-optimized route. This system delivers data reliably with the least power use and the fewest retries in the industry.

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Level Manager

Silversmith, Inc. Level Manager Pro is an automation system designed to control disposal facility processes. Level Manager Pro uses Siemens PLC technology to monitor facility data points, such as tank levels, pressures, oil and water flow rates and volumes, switch and pump statuses, and more. This data, coupled with Silversmith's knowledge of facility operations, is used to manage pumps, tank levels, and other disposal processes. Silversmith's Data Points End to End remote monitoring system provides a data backhaul to off-site servers, where users can view site data, receive alarms, and generate reports from Silversmith's Meter Central data collection center.
Nothing is more important than keeping the fluid in your tanks or keeping your pumps from running dry, and Silversmith's Level Manager Pro lets you rest assured that your facility is running at its full potential. After years of development, Level Manager Pro has proven itself over and over throughout the U.S.

  1. Streamlines facility processes and automation
  2. Prevents pumps from running dry
  3. Prevents tank overflows and associated cleanup costs
  4. Retrofit to existing disposal facilities
  5. Remote monitoring provides critical alerts to necessary personnel

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Offload Management System

Silversmith, Inc. Offload Management System offers a replacement for paper bookkeeping and tracking of offloads at disposal well facilities. All information related to the offload, such as the source API, customer, trucking company, driver, or type of fluid can be entered right at the pad via touchscreen. The complete ticket information is then uploaded to a central server, allowing you to see the status of your disposal sites at a glance.
Ticket data can be entered manually, or the Offload Management System can be integrated with a variety of meters to enable measurement of water volume, density, and/or turbidity. The Offload Management System can control pumps and valves to ensure that every offload event is properly recorded, and a grounding system can also be integrated, to ensure that trucks are properly grounded before beginning the offload process. The system is customizable, and can be modified to include data specific to your operation.
Silversmith's Offload Management System provides superior tracking and administration for your disposal well sites.

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HiTech Controller

The Silversmith, Inc. HiTech Controller is a Class1 Div2, highly advanced gas meter RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). This fourth generation product has been developed and refined over 12 years of field testing in northern Michigan. The HiTech Controller is a rugged product designed for remote natural gas wells with no AC power, that operate under very harsh conditions, that need to be remotely monitored.

The HiTech Controller GLT has all the features needed to measure gas production and control gas lift injection system in one package.

Communication is the product's strongest asset. A Patent Pending communication method that uses the Internet and non-licensed radio to get data back to a secure web server is a vary powerful option (SSIPac) available for the HiTech Controller . With the SSIPac option, Internet access and a password is all that is needed to retrieve the HiTech's data remotely.

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The Silversmith, Inc. HIP is a Class1 Div1, advanced gas meter designed around a partnership with Honeywell. The unit will meter 1 gas stream (DP,P,T) work with ether AGA style or VCone meter runs. The product comes with either ±.25% or ±.1% accuracy.

The HIP uses a Smart Honeywell MVX sensor body. The MVX sensor has an integrated differential and atmosphere pressure sensors built in the same body. This sensor is also corrected with its own on board temperature sensor.

Communication is the product's strongest asset. A Patented communication method that uses the Internet and non-licensed radio to get data back to a secure web server is a vary powerful option (SSIPac) available for the HIP.

With the SSIPac option, Internet access and a password is all that is needed to retrieve the HIP's data remotely.

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SIDPG Multi Variable Sensor

The Silversmith, Inc. SIDPG is a Class1 Div2, low cost multi variable sensor which can measure differential and gage pressure from the same sensor body. The differential sensor has a scale of 0-200 inch of water and max pressure of 20 psi from the high port to the low port. The gage sensor has a scale of 0-100 psig that is measured from the low port. The max working pressure of the unit is 100psig. The unit also has internal temperature correction for accuracy of +/- 1% of full scale. The housing is NEMA 4x for out door use. SIDPG is ideal for metering low pressure natural gas.

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