AST™ Asset Status Tracker


Not maintenance, but the best, most user friendly snapshot of all your assets that need attention. At-A-Glance, you can see a wide range of information on things like:

  • Hydrants, Valves, Curb Boxes
  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Generators
And, it is fully customizable to show you the information that is important to you and your team.

Your field workers will love it

Adaptable to any handheld tablet or phone, AST™ is easy to read, easy to input and easy to change for your particular needs. Simple drop down menus, customized to your specific needs, are all touch friendly and available in "drop down" menus for easy and almost effortless input. Maintenance records are kept up as are GPS coordinates for easy location by water workers and fire Fighters. Assets like vehicles and heavy equipment are sorted by location icons on the map and records are easy to access.

GIS Systems are for Maps, AST is for those who get things done

Fire Fighters and water workers don't have time for cumbersome GIS tools and many of our customers have purchased AST to support those who roll up their sleeves every day.

Give it a Test Drive

See why municipalities are looking to the Asset Status Tracker to keep their workers agile. Call 989.370.4964 or e-mail to set up a time to sit in the driver's seat. It takes about 12 minutes once guided to the test site to learn all the navigation and see why municipalities who bought Arc or Regis still bought AST (which only takes a single day to set up).

Installing AST sets you up for our real-time Hydrant Tamper and Status Sensor - Hydralert™

Silversmith takes the industry to the next level with the Asset Status Tracker (AST) software, the electronic maintenance record with immediate access to targeted hydrant checkpoints, including crucial functions and measurements. Location, proper mechanical operation, water pressure, and accessibility are available in seconds - especially when seconds count.

Now in final testing mode, Silversmith raises the level of safety and efficiency with HYDRALERT™ real-time hydrant monitoring and if you have AST already, adding this crucial feature is a breeze.

AST software works independently or in tandem with Silversmith's HYDRALERT system to provide crucial data regarding hydrant function, maintenance, and location. GPS coordinates steer fire fighting teams to the optimal location of functioning hydrants. Don't lose time or sacrifice safety searching for an operational hydrant.
Silversmith, Inc. Hydrant Maintenance Software


For more information, call 989.370.4964 or email