"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the help, support and knowledge you have given us over the past three years. From connecting new wells and facilities to converting old wells and facilities. Silversmith, Inc. has met or exceeded our expectations. Silversmith metering has been and continues to be an integral part of operating these wells and projects efficiently. Not only can we monitor production at any of our wells at any time of day, we can generate any number of invaluable reports; some specifically customized for us by your staff. O.I.L. Energy Corp. has been more than pleased with everyone from sales to support to service and looks forward to a long relationship with Silversmith, Inc."
Pat Thon - O.I.L. Energy Corp.


"As you are well aware, we are in the midst of a year none of us has experienced for quite some time. Over the past several years EnerVest has made an aggressive attempt at controlling costs by trimming its staff, both in the office and in the field. Efforts to control our overhead are evident to our management as we head into the last quarter of this year.
With this said, we recognize that you and your company have also made sacrifices to get through this year, and to accommodate the needs of EnerVest, helping to make our operation more efficient and economical, without compromising safety.
I am writing this letter to express my personal gratitude as well as that of EnerVest Operating and its entire staff for all that you and Silversmith do for us, especially in these unique and difficult times. From my perspective, the sacrifices that all of us make will enable our Michigan operation to continue for the foreseeable future. Your help and cooperation have been invaluable, and we look forward to our continuing working relationship."

Jeff Riling - Operation Supervisor - EnerVest Operating


"Congratulations on your rapid growth in the Canadian market. Quicksilver Resources Canada has been using the Silversmith real time SCADA system for nearly 2 years now and it has helped us gain substantial operating efficiencies in our Horseshoe Canyon CBM field. We have been able to reduce our swab costs by 25%, increase operator productivity by 20%, and improve our winter run times by as much as 5% of metered volume. These savings are a direct result of the improved "real time" individual well information we get with the Silversmith metering system.
At a time when individual well metering costs were prohibitive in Canada, we were pleased to find a low cost system such as yours that made economic sense for CBM/shallow gas well production. Considering all of the "un-metered" gas production in Canada, I think your future here will be very successful. Canadian producing companies will all benefit from having this low cost metering option available for all types of oil & gas "real time" measurement.
I would also like to commend you on your quick response times whenever we "need" immediate attention and on the quality of your tech service and installation teams. They have been great to work with and very responsive to our requests.
Quicksilver Resources Canada appreciates and supports your continued growth in Canada and wishes you many years of successful operations. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship."

Tim Smith - Production coordinator - QRCI